TPE;158CM;33KG;Measurements: 89*50*88CM


Height 158CM
Weight 33KG
Measurements 89*50*88CM
Vagina/Anus/Mouth depth 18/16/12CM
Skin color Wheat




Sigrid is a TPE model, which means that she is made of thermoplastic materials. She has high strength, high toughness, she’s really soft, her body feels close to the human being, but she’s easily dyed, you can’t wear dark clothes for too long.

Product guarantee: focus on the material is harmless to the human body

Safety and reliability: We attach great importance to the safety of our products. All silicone dolls are made of harmless, high-quality materials, after strict quality testing, to ensure harmless to human body. You can rest assured to use.

Guarantee and logistics process: confidential distribution (3-7 days)

We attach great attention to your privacy. During the delivery process, we use secure packaging and prohibit the disclosure of product information to ensure that your privacy is protected to the greatest extent.

Matters need attention:

Don’t overclean them, if you haven’t used them for a while, or if it’s not dirty, you can leave them, overcleaning will reduce them down. If you break the model, you can fix it with glue or contact us directly for help or instructions.


Physical doll instructions

Thank you for your support and trust in the company, and the purchase of our physical doll series products, in order to your daily maintenance and use of related operations and instructions, we suggest that you read this manual before using, easy to master the use method and the maintenance points of the doll.

  1. The outer layer of this product is made of the new polymer material TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), and the inner layer is made of epoxy resin and various metal joints. The product materials meet the relevant national safety standards, and there is no poison to human body and environment, please rest assured to use.
  2. Doll entity in the interior with each joints, can pose within a certain range, but for the product factory for straight posture, so can’t long let doll put difficult bending posture, to make somewhere glue due to long-term pull deformation damage, arms and thighs cannot long time big radian open, please be sure to restore, let the doll lying flat and hands on both sides of the body (the standing entity doll remember not to let the doll standing), such as improper use doll damage manufacturer shall not bear.
  3. The body fixed the internal bone joints during the production, and the screws in the soles, thighs, buttocks and shoulders were slightly modified after treatment, which is an inevitable normal phenomenon.

[matters need attention]

  1. Do not scrape the skin surface with sharp equipment, and do not exert hard to avoid damaging the skin and affect the use time and appearance.
  2. When wearing clothes, dolls should avoid wearing easy dressing or poor dressing skills, so as not to pollute the doll’s skin and affect the appearance.
  3. The doll should not be placed in the direct sunlight environment for a long time, so as not to cause the deterioration of rubber materials and affect the use time

[maintenance instruction]

  1. (How to deal with the indentation?) If there is indentation on the surface of the doll for a long time, you can use a hot towel to heat compress its part for a period of time.
  2. (How to clean up the baby is dirty?) If the doll surface area has dust and pollutants, use general lotion or discharge makeup oil can be cleaned, such as laundry liquid, shower gel, but should avoid vigorously use fingernails to scratch the skin surface. After washing the doll and other surface water dry, the distribution of feel powder (can also be replaced by ordinary sin powder) evenly daub in the table net baby skin surface smooth as before, feel delicate. Manufacturer’s advice: according to the situation to regularly do cleaning, maintenance
  3. (What if I find a crack in the doll?) If there is a small area of damage on the surface of the doll, you can use repair glue bonding, wash the damaged surface first, restore the glue at the wound to the original position, evenly wipe a layer of glue, wait for about half an hour to dry solid. If there are other technical problems, you can contact the seller or the manufacturer directly, and the manufacturer can provide the processing technology according to the situation.
  4. (How to use the repair agent?) Repair agent (glue) principle is in the process of repair around the break on both sides of the glue melt (harmless to human body, please rest assured to use), again let the breach around both sides to merge, under normal circumstances will not affect the beautiful after beautiful, but in the process of operation for repair glue after broken not together, don’t wipe repair, with wet cloth or clean water clean on repair again, or under no broken continue to wipe repair agent instead of broken for melting glue makes break around both sides melt more and more serious.
  5. (What happens if the doll is dyed?) Using the decolor cream specially designed for TPE thermoplastic elastomer staining, highly efficient, convenient, fast, non-toxic, can remove local staining in a period of time, used as follows

(1) According to the degree of dyeing size, apply the appropriate amount of ointment and apply it evenly to the stained area.

(2) After daub, place for a period of time, the staining site will naturally fade, and wipe again every 4 hours until removal. Determine the time of fading according to the depth of staining, small area staining will generally complete fading within 24 hours. Seriously stained ones were generally removed at 3 – 4 days.(Color removal cream can only slow down the color to varying degrees, slight dyeing can be removed, serious dyeing, can slow down some, can not be completely removed)

(3) Warm tips: this product is certified as safe and non-toxic




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